Dallas Texas Things To Do – These Places Will Get Your Adventure Started

Are you ready to discover four interesting places to visit while you’re in D-Town? Dallas TX is a huge city to explore, and there are tons of attractions to check out. Prepare for some great adventures as you travel around to different areas of the city. You know you have to explore the downtown area, and you are going to be amazed at what all you find. Here are four top attractions that speak to the type of experiences you will have as a tourist in Dallas.

The Sixth Floor Museum is one of the top tourist attractions. Does its Dealey Plaza location give it away? If you’re not yet familiar, its the Texas School Book Depository. Now I’m sure that rings a bell. What a creepy place to visit in a way, but its national history. There are different exhibits to check out, and the museum really creates the setting quite well. You are privy to an audio guide, and many reviewers call the museum a must see.

White Rock Lake Park is a great place to visit if you want to escape some of the hustle and bustle of Dallas. If you plan on spending time in the downtown area, then you can use this adventure as your break. You can go for a walk, enjoy bird watching, go fishing and much more at White Rock Lake Park. My choice activity would be to enjoy a nice picnic. The lake is said to be very beautiful, and you can even rent a kayak.

The Dallas Museum of Art is up next, and its location is 1717 North Harwood Street. Did you know that this art museum opened up in 1903? It’s been around for over 100 years! You can imagine that the collections there are quite amazing. Not only are there some outstanding exhibits, but there is also a coffee bar on site, too.

Old Red Museum is an architectural site that is stunning. It’s the old courthouse, and the building really is a marvel. This museum is all about the culture and history of Dallas. Getting to see the building in general is a bonus, and you will find it on 100 South Houston Street.

How’s that for four great places of interest to visit in Dallas TX? Explore all that D-Town has to offer as you stop by its best attractions. Pick a spot to get started and enjoy your adventures in Dallas.